samolepky - KLRK Label NO. 1 CIAO, 3ks - KLRK-NZHLVC1-CO
samolepky - KLRK Label NO. 1 CIAO, 3ks - KLRK-NZHLVC1-CO
samolepky - KLRK Label NO. 1 CIAO, 3ks - KLRK-NZHLVC1-CO
samolepky - KLRK Label NO. 1 CIAO, 3ks - KLRK-NZHLVC1-CO

KLRK Label NO. 1 CIAO, 3ks

3-pack iron-on transfers for fabric (3 sheets)- dimensions 15,5x22cm - 26 color iron-on transfers
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Become a fashion designer! Your creativity has no limits and in a few minutes you are done. Give your clothes and accessories a unique style. The print set is easy to apply to fabric with the iron and turns every textile into an original in a moment. With our playful prints you can create original pieces for yourself and your children. The application is simple, you just need an iron and baking paper.

The prints are made from POLI-FLEX® 4015 polyurethane film, which is printed with latex inks. The inks are harmless to health and meet high environmental protection requirements. We design and manufacture iron-on prints in the Czech Republic.

Maintenance instructions

Clean in the washing machine at a maximum temperature of 40°C ideally with liquid detergents to avoid mechanical damage to the print. It is ideal to avoid ironing the print area, if you want to iron, do it at a lower temperature than the application temperature, ideally again through baking paper and for as short a time as possible. With proper application and care of the textile, the print will last in full quality for 6-10 washes.

Instructions for use:

What kind of tools do you need?

  • KLRK Label imprint
  • Baking paper
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Fabric
  1. Select the fabric that you want to print. Cotton is the ideal material to print on, but man-made fabrics such as nylon and fabrics with hydrophobic impregnation are not suitable, as they can be damaged by the high temperature during ironing.
  2. Set the iron temperature on the Cotton programme (usually three dots).
  3. Choose the print you want to apply.
  4. Cut it out of the sheet and, to be sure, run a ruler over the print to ensure that it adheres sufficiently to the transfer film. Then remove the bottom protective film.
  5. Leave only the top transfer film and place the print together with it on the place where you want to print the fabric.
  6. The fabric must be on a flat substrate and sufficiently off.
  7. Then iron on using maximum pressure for approx. 10 seconds.
  8. Slowly remove the top protective film. If the print has not been ironed on completely, do not remove the film and repeat the process carefully.
  9. To fix the print, we recommend to iron the print once more over conventional baking paper after application.
  10. Check that the print is sufficiently ironed all over and around the edges and that there is no risk of tearing.

Download the picture instructions here:

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Download the picture instructions here:

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Number of pieces in the package:
26 pcs
polyurethane film POLI-FLEX® 4015

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